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Security, Client Confidentiality & Non Disclosure

Cerebra's sophisticated data security policy and measures ensure client confidentiality. Cerebra LPO employees sign a Non Disclosure agreement. Client dedicated team assures complete security and confidentiality.

Cerebra LPO rightly focuses on the security issues associated with transmitting data to a foreign site. Cerebra has implemented innovative internal safeguards into it's outsourcing processes. Cerebra's in-depth security measures ensure that the organization is at the forefront of data protection and confidentiality.

Cerebra's security and confidentiality policy includes the following measures.

  • Extensive internal security, with several internal and external check-points to ensure security, confidentiality of clients' legal and business data, as well as product integrity
  • No employee is ever permitted to enter the facility's premises without proper identification credentials
  • Monitoring cameras located on floors to track employee movement
  • Security personnel are deployed in all entry and exit points
  • Employee movement must be authorized by the acting supervisor or the department concerned with the function at hand
  • Personal communications or data recording devices, such as mobile phones, CDs or USBs are not permitted anywhere on the production or facility floor
  • Restriction of shared information: Employees from one team cannot access data from another
  • Password protection: Every computer and folder is password protected
  • Data Integrity and Protection Component: All data is monitored and checked when relayed and when received from clients
  • No individual is permitted to access personal e-mails from their respective work stations
  • Cerebra's data is relayed predominantly via broadband and a secure server with all electronic entry points secured and all data movement logged
  • Cerebra's intranet server and the data server are, by design, not located together. A hardware firewall is implemented to provide strong security policy for LAN and WAN

Further physical safeguards round out the company's overall security measures. Employees are not permitted to bring paper on the work floor or take out any paper product outside of its confines. Security staff ensures this and any paper work material is shredded after use. Handbags or purses are forbidden, and personal items are checked on the floor of the facility upon entering.

Employees at Cerebra sign a non-disclosure agreement, which also protects confidentiality of the data. IT Act-2000- S.72 of the Act, creates a civil and criminal liability for breaching privacy or confidentiality of any data or access to the other systems, data theft etc.