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Cerebra has a dedicated team of attorneys specialized in first level (responsive/ non responsive), second level (privilege) Review, Drafting privilege logs and conducting Early Assessment of Cases. We have experience working on e-discovery tools such as Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, Kroll Ontrack etc.

Our E-Discovery team has expertise in

  1. Document Review to determine whether document is:
    • Responsive
    • Confidential
    • Privileged
    • Key or hot
  2. Subjective & Objective coding
  3. Drafting E-discovery Motions and Replies
  4. Summarization of documents
  5. Cerebra provides both expertise and technology to handle large volumes of discovery content. We offer our clients cost-effective and efficient solutions to manage complex litigation files.

    Cerebra has developed a process flow to reflect current trends in E-Discovery and facilitate E-Discovery processes. We customize E-Discovery services to suit the particular case on hand and believe that delivering a complete end to end solution to a client within the specified time and budget is of utmost importance. To enable us to deliver world-class E-Discovery solutions, we have categorized the E-Discovery exercise into the following phases:

    • Classification - Identification & understanding of the matter
    • Allocation - Allocation of a dedicated team to undertake the E-Discovery exercise
    • Compilation - Developing strategy & methodology of compiling data in a highly secured loop
    • Culling - Identifying keywords, phrases in order to segregate Privilege and Relevant documents
    • Extraction & Indexing of Data - Organizing the extracted data in an hierarchical manner
    • Coding - Coding the extracted data on the basis of Clients requirements
    • Review - At Cerebra, we follow a 3 tier review process to ensure quality service
    • Delivery - The complete file is delivered to the client without retaining a single document

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