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Cerebra LPO India advantages

Besides the common law system and the English language, the foreign law firms and corporations have many advantages by outsourcing their legal processes to Cerebra LPO.

Cost Effective

Many US / UK law firms and corporations choose Cerebra LPO India as their legal outsource destination because of the cost savings they achieve. Apart from the low hourly price, law firms and legal departments also save majorly on other benefits that are payable to employees such as Medical, Insurance, Overtime, Pension Fund/s, Tax and such other overheads.

24x7 operations

Cerebra provides Attorney based in US and UK a viable, timely option of using an extended virtual office in India to work on cases in a 24x7 format. Many of our clients have taken advantage of our ability to respond in a timely format to cut down on Case preparation and turn-around time.


Law Firms and companies that outsource work to Cerebra have the flexibility to scale up or down their operations as per their requirement. A law firm or a company needs to utilize their staff optimaly to achieve a good profit margin. Using Cerebra as an extended Virtual office, helps smooth out fluctuations of resources.

Focus on core activities

Outsourcing to Cerebra LPO helps law firms and companies to focus their time and efforts on the core business activities and immediate client's needs.


Cerebra Group is a leading global provider of IT solutions. Cerebra LPO is backed by high-end technology that makes it possible to provide quality services. Encrypted web enabled software, multiple servers, scanners and secure networks allow quick and accurate data transfers.


Companies can keep complete control on the data and / or their customer accounts as Cerebra LPO assures data protection, safety and confidentiality and insists only for required data / files. High profile jobs or sensitive files are accessed, worked upon and delivered directly through logging into the client's site by the dedicated team.